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Digital Stories are useful as both a process and a product.  As a process, creating a digital story can build skills in reflection and critical thinking, oral, written,  and visual storytelling, and multimedia production.  As a product, you can use a digital story for outreach and organizing, fundraising, education, documentation and reflection.

We Tell Stories

Stories build community:
Both internally and externally, stories can connect individuals to others who share their experiences and generate the ability of individuals and organizations to act. One goal of community building is to become part of someone else’s story, to have their story become part of you. It is through the act of telling that we realize that our stories are interconnected with others.
Stories can create the conditions for change:
When we build relationships through storytelling, the process often encourages individuals to think differently about themselves and about their capacity to act both individually and collectively. We tell stories as evidence of our work to galvanize energy, to raise funds, and to educate.